Asia Management Fund hits a milestone with 100 consecutive months of trading without losses

May 21, 2019

SINGAPORE, May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Asia Management Fund Pte Ltd (AMF), a Singaporean trading firm utilising a self-developed trading approach, is celebrating 100 consecutive months of trading without losses. At the same time, the company also posted its highest trading profits since inception in 2009.

Asia Management Fund is a systematic proprietary trading firm that deploys algorithmic alpha driven strategies across markets. Over the years, the company has developed a unique proprietary trading approach that involves analyzing a broad range of data points and technical indicators, known as The Mosaic System.

The system, which was developed by AMF's founders, Luigi Granucci, Gianluigi Rossetti, Matteo Tamagno and Marco della Pedrina, adopts quantitative techniques to generate alpha and offers diversification from conventional style factors like value, growth, size and momentum. In utilising this strategy, Asia Management Fund systematically uncovers sources of return with low targeted correlation to traditional asset classes.

"We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone. It is extremely rewarding for us to witness our Mosaic System achieve such a great feat, to prove itself to be consistently profitable through all market cycles. We believe not many trading firms can boast of such consistent and remarkable performance," said Luigi Granucci, Founder and CEO of Asia Management Fund.

The firm is currently in the process of developing an algorithm based on The Mosaic System.

With the development and deployment of the algorithm, Asia Management Fund believes it will be able to expand its coverage within markets. The algorithm will assist in monitoring markets to seek potential trading opportunities based on pre-defined rules of The Mosaic System and could enter positions as determined by a trader.

"The finalization and adoption of our in-house algorithm will allow us to identify more trading opportunities across markets, boost our trading profits and allow us to achieve greater diversification," said Matteo Tamagno, Partner and Head of Equity Desk of Asia Management Fund.

At the same time, the firm is expanding to new markets including Malaysia and Thailand.

"The move will enable the identification of more trading opportunities through different markets' cycle and achieve the diversification of the company's trading profits," said Gianluigi Rossetti, Founder and Director of Asia Management Fund.

Asia Management Fund Pte Ltd

Asia Management Fund (AMF) is incorporated in Singapore and is wholly owned by Global Movers Inc. AMF specialises in spread trading and liquidity provider strategies on high quality, liquid blue-chip counters. The trading firm is a market-maker on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and its activities account for approximately 6 percent of the total value traded on SGX daily. In 2017, Hong Kong-based investment company Asembly Markets Limited, which provides bespoke capital solutions that focus primarily on fragmented middle-market companies in Asia, acquired a 35 percent stake in Global Movers.

Source : Asia Management Fund Pte Ltd

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