Our Business Model
We deploy systematic, market-neutral strategies, leveraging on our proprietary quantitative techniques and algorithms. Over the years, we developed a unique proprietary trading approach that involves analysing a broad range of data points and technical indicators, known as
The Mosaic System.

We focus on the pursuit of exceptional risk-adjusted returns.

Our automated market-making approach integrates our innovative technology into our unique trading strategy - The Mosaic System. The Mosaic System adopts quantitative techniques to generate alpha and offers diversification from conventional style factors like value, growth, size or momentum. Using the Mosaic System, we systematically uncover sources of return with low targeted correlation to tradition asset classes; we seek unique opportunities that are less exposed to competitive pressures and market crises.

Here at Asia Management Fund, we consider ourselves obsessed with risk management. Risk management is an integral part of all our activities – both investment and non-investment related. We believe that long-term business success requires not only mitigation of day-to-day investment risk but also adequate preparation for black swan events. Our people – traders, software engineers and quants – work alongside one another in an open and collaborative environment so that we are able to respond quickly to the dynamic market conditions.